Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Xiaomi has patented a new modular folding phone


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Xiaomi has applied for a rather interesting patent, a patent that includes a foldable smartphone whose screen can be detached, ie a type of modular device.

This patent was spotted by IT Home, and it was filed in China. What is also interesting is the fact that this flexible screen covers the body of the phone when attached. But that’s not all, because something even more interesting is mentioned.

This screen seems to remain functional when detached from the main body. IT Home mentions something called a “wireless communication module”. Supposedly it can remain in operation because the power supply system is also separate, ie the screen has its own battery.

The source did not mention the battery at all, and this patent does not reveal too many details. Only the general functionality of the device was explained, while Xiaomi provided only one sketch(below).

Xiaomi Foldable Phone
Source: IThome

This device is very interesting, and it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will ever make a final product based on this patent. Because I note once again, this is just a patent, and we all know that manufacturers tend to file tons of design patents, most of which are never made.

This product is definitely unique, which would ultimately attract consumers the most, as we do not see much practical application of this concept.

We may hear more about this product in the future, and we may not, just don’t expect it to be launched soon. Xiaomi has several additional folding phones planned for 2022, but this is not one of them.







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