Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Android 13 brings a significantly shorter game load time

Android 12 has brought a significant turnaround when it comes to mobile games, and Android 13 will further strengthen that.


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As we have said several times, with the passage of time, rumors about Android 13 are coming in increasing numbers and at shorter intervals. Now let’s take a look at what Android 13 brings “new” in terms of some details.

Here, we primarily mean the way games are played on Android smartphones, and with the arrival (release) of Android 13, it will be even shorter and even more intuitive, the whole environment in which mobile games will be located.

With the arrival of Android 12, this somehow came to the fore because it could (during the game) display a “dashboard” that brought or still brings some of the important elements related to the reproduction of game content.

For example, we are talking about a quick way to turn on or off the basic settings of the smartphone while the game is running in order not to disturb the player.


Furthermore, it can be seen that Android 12 also brings some features of improvement such as

  • performance itself,
  • display refresh rate,
  • less warm-up of the phone while playing, and the like.

Now, with the arrival of Android 13, Google has decided to raise this segment of “gaming” to a new level and further improve all of the above. Also some opportunities for the first time to bring and provide users in the world of games and gaming in general on smartphones.

Before we talk about the news, let’s say that titles like Asphalt 9, which is full of dynamics and fast content displays, best evoke the Android 12 experience in games.

It will give you a real insight into how your smartphone plays games and of course, it depends on whether the phone is from the top of the offeror from the middle and lower class and also depends on the age of the smartphone (but not a too crucial factor ).

One of the new features of Android 13 that touches on gaming is “setGameState”. This is exactly what it is called and it is a method that “informs” your smartphone what stage the game is in.

That is, whether it is possible to take a break, whether its parameters are damaged by the fact that the phone may be a little hotter, and the like. Furthermore, “GAME_LOADING” comes as another novelty.

The latter mostly refers to the operation of the CPU and GPU. Their operating parameters and the power itself, ie “GAME_LOADING” measure their power (their parameters) and according to the obtained calculations adjust the display of games (if possible) on your smartphone.

We are aware here and we must emphasize that the results will vary greatly from model to model, ie from price range to price range.


Let’s say that the results of the “GAME_LOADING” calculation will not be completely similar on a Galaxy S model or a Galaxy A model (we took Samsung as an example but we know you understand the essence).

Google executives have said they plan to bring these mobile game enhancements to all smartphone models that will use Android 13, both pre-installed and upgraded to Android 13 software.







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