Thursday, April 18, 2024

Will Xiaomi and Google agree about APK?


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Xiaomi is proposing to completely remove APK files and not use them on the Android platform, but Google has so far refused to do so.

Remember when you carelessly installed an app or favorite game APK file on your Android? Or when the last update caused you problems with the application.

Simply going online and downloading the APK file (older versions of the application) would solve the problem easily and quickly. Now it seems that certain smartphone manufacturers want to disable it.

To get straight to the point, Xiaomi wants to disable the installation and use of APK files on the Android platform. Although Xiaomi is powered by the MIUI platform, it draws its roots and foundations from Android code. Xiaomi’s development engineer suggested to Google or Android that the APK be simply disabled. All for the purpose and under the pretext of protecting user data on the user’s smartphone.


It has also been suggested that apps should only be available from the Play Store app store and not from some “no name” sources and third party (unverified) apps. On the one hand, we agree with this because this step would raise the security of users on Android to an enviable level. While on the other hand Android would simply lose that charm and recognizability and would no longer be such an open platform.

Android Package Kit Google
Source: Google

It would gradually take on the contours of closedness and follow in the footsteps of Apple and the iOS platform. Google has been thinking about this for a long time and this is not the first time that someone from Xiaomi has made a proposal for the same. But we have not yet found a way to overcome this, that is, how to deny the APK and keep the users satisfied, which seems quite impossible to us.

That is, we hope that the APK will continue to remain as it is now and that Google will not find other methods and ways for user security. If Google or Android really limited the use of APK files.

Those who understand a little more about the Android platform would very easily start “troubleshooting” on the platform and thus continue to use the APK as if nothing had happened.







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