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Behind us is the first quarter of 2022. Yesterday we talked about Samsung’s business report for this time of year. Today, the famous Canalys published details about the Chinese smartphone market in this period.

First of all, Canalys states that the Chinese smartphone market recorded a decline in sales of 18% compared to the first quarter of 2021, but this is not a surprise.

China smarthpone sales
Source: Canalys

Focusing on individual smartphone manufacturers, Canalys reports that Honor has become the largest Chinese brand for the first time in its short history. Namely, they report that in the first quarter of this year, Honor sold about 15 million smartphones on the domestic market out of a total of 75.6 million, which is enough for a 20% share in the sale of smartphones in China. This number is almost three times higher than the one he achieved a year ago.

People’s Republic of China (mainland) smartphone shipments and annual growth Canalys Smartphone Market Pulse: Q1 2022
Vendor Q1 2022 shipments (million) Q1 2022 market share Q1 2021 shipments (million) Q1 2021 market share Annual growth
HONOR 15.0 20,00% 4.9 5,00% 205,00%
OPPO 13.9 18,00% 21.0 23,00% -34,00%
Apple 13.8 18,00% 11.8 13,00% 17,00%
Vivo 12.2 16,00% 21.6 23,00% -44,00%
Xiaomi 10.6 14,00% 13.5 15,00% -22,00%
Others 10.2 13,00% 19.7 21,00% -48,00%
Total  75.6 100,00% 92.5 100,00% -18,00%
Notes: from Q1 2021, HONOR is not included in Huawei’s shipments; OnePlus is included in OPPO shipments; percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding
Source: Canalys Smartphone Analysis (sell-in shipments), April 2022



Apple’s smartphone shipments in China also increased compared to the same period last year, and the company, together with Oppo, shares second place with an 18% share. But unlike Apple and Honor, Oppo saw an annual drop in sales. Namely, the Chinese company sold 21 million phones in the same period last year, while this year that number was 13.9 million, which is a significant drop. A significant number of Oppo users seem to have switched to Honor.

Vivo experienced an even bigger drop. The company was the first in the first quarter of last year with 21.6 million phones sold, while it sold 12.2 million phones in the same period this year, down from fourth place.

Xiaomi also saw a drop in sales, selling 10.6 million phones in the first three months of this year, which is almost 3 million less than last year.

Xiaomi found itself in fifth place.








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