Friday, September 29, 2023

Google is pulling out all call recording applications

The company plans to remove from the Play Store all external applications for recording phone calls on mobile devices.


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As part of Android 10, Google has abolished the option to record calls by default, and as of May 11 this year, the company is implementing new rules for the Google Play Store. The new rules also prevent external applications from using the Accessibility API to record audio calls.

The mentioned changes in the terms of use policy have been implemented in order to improve the privacy and security of users, especially due to the fact that the laws on recording calls vary significantly from country to country.

Excluded from this change are system, pre-installed applications, which already have permission to access the Accessibility API and will not be subject to this revocation. This applies to Pixel and Xiaomi devices, which have their own call recording applications.

The mentioned devices are considered to have the original function of recording calls, but there is a possibility that some additional rules will be implemented in the future for such situations as well.








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