Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Windows 11 Blue Screen Update


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The Patch Tuesday update for Windows started arriving last Tuesday (May 10th). However, the update brings with it new problems.

The first problems that users started reporting after installing the update were on servers using Kerberos and Domain Controllers. This problem does not affect most standard users, but those who have installed the KB5013943 patch for personal versions of Windows 11 updates report a “blue screen of death” (BSoD).

Windows Blue Screen Error
Source: Windows

BSoD for Windows is “Stop Error”, and it is an operation that is activated when the operating system reports to the system to stop all actions to prevent damage to the operating system or data.

Sophos, the company that provides antivirus software, was one of the first companies to report the current BSoD, which users receive. It is pointed out that the error is related to the drivers that are often used by the antivirus software of this company (and probably also by the antivirus programs of other companies). Fortunately, Sophos also released a workaround, and updated its own software and drivers.


Users are advised to pause updates and not enable them until Microsoft has officially released an update for its software. Another solution is to rename the driver that has the problem, but this is potentially more dangerous.







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