Monday, September 26, 2022

An ecological clock has been created, with a case made of coffee grounds


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A company from Germany has created an ecological watch, which is decorated with interesting materials.

Kaffeeform Watch 4
Source: Kaffeform

The German company Kaffeeform developed this material using coffee grounds, and waste from hundreds of cafes around the world was used.

Many years of research and experiments have led to a unique formula. In this way, a durable, reinforced material is created, which is based on coffee grounds and renewable raw materials.

Kaffeeform Watch 3
Source: Kaffeform

The material was first used to produce biodegradable coffee cups, called Weducer, which were introduced in January. But now the company has expanded its business to watches.

Kaffeeform Watch 5
Source: Kaffeeform

The housings of these watches are created from coffee grounds and other renewable sources, based on plants, and everything is reinforced with biopolymers.

The watches themselves were created in collaboration with the Berlin company Lilienthal Berlin. The models from this collection are named after the most popular coffees: Espresso, Americano and Latte.







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