Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Microsoft will make it easier to change default apps in Windows 11

The process of setting default apps and adding them to the taskbar or Start menu should soon be simplified for even more control and a better Windows experience


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Simplifying the management of default apps is intended to be achieved through consistent, clear, and reliable Windows dialog boxes.

In addition to end users, developers will also get new options, which will be able to send users directly to a place in the settings to change the default program for certain file types.

Additionally, Microsoft will begin testing a new API that will allow apps to pin a primary or secondary tile to the taskbar. Of course, the user will have to accept if he really wants something pinned to his taskbar.

Microsoft plans to be the first to start using the new API through its Microsoft Edge web browser and thus, through its own example, further motivate developers to use the new options.







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