Thursday, May 25, 2023

Artle – New Game For Art Lovers


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The National Gallery of Art in Washington has devised a guessing game to give users access to its huge art collections.

Is that Gustav Klimt? Or James McNeill Whistler? Maybe Frida Kahlo? You have four attempts to guess. That’s roughly how Artle works, something like Wordle for art lovers. A new game created by the National Gallery of Art in Washington has been developed to pique people’s curiosity and encourage them to learn more about art.

Interaction with the museum
There are many opportunities for personal interaction with the museum, from exhibitions to free public programs. But the museum wants to give their collection of 150,000 paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art to as many people as possible. And so the digital department, led by director Nick Sharp, was designed and built by Artle.

Every day a new work of art and four new attempts
This game involves guessing who created the artwork in the gallery’s collections. You must enter the artist’s name below the artwork offered, and if you answer incorrectly, a red X will be displayed. Another work by the same artist will be displayed to help. Artle allows you to guess the artist’s name in four attempts, and a new puzzle is displayed each day.


Learning through play
Artle relies on the planetary success of Wordle and offers a similar opportunity to show your (un) knowledge on social networks. Once you’re done playing, you can select the “share” button and display your results on Twitter or wherever you want.

Every day a new puzzle on the smartphone screen
Artle is a daily puzzle, but here it’s less about challenge and more about discovery, the authors say. Finally, you can click to learn more about the artist and his artwork and continue researching to prepare for future challenges.







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