Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google fights back and introduces an AI assistant to its office tools

To Microsoft's implementation of AI in the Bing search engine and the announcement of its arrival in parts of the Office suite, Google responds by introducing similar functionalities in the Workspace office suite


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The battle for supremacy in the field of generative AI is intensifying, and not the fun one, which creates cute illustrations, but the more objectively useful one, which is able to help people in their daily work. Google is now responding to Microsoft’s moves with OpenAI technologies with artificial intelligence from its own development, bringing large language models to well-known office tools.

To begin with, the AI assistant will be available to developers, through a special API, as well as to those who pay for some of the business office suites within the Google Workspace ecosystem. The models will work in the Google Cloud environment, and Google explained several applications, for which the AI system will be applicable to a wide range of users.

Saving time
Among other things, they will be able to receive text commands and then perform tasks such as: summarizing text, writing longer e-mails, editing the style of already existing text, checking spelling, giving new ideas – and all this in the case of Docs and Gmail. AI will also work with the spreadsheet calculator Sheets, where he will help in writing formulas, in the program for creating presentations Slides he will be able to immediately create text, illustrations, sound, and video content, while he will be able to take notes during meetings in the Meet system.

All these functions have one thing in common – based on only basic parameters, it will automatically create a lot of content, which would take humans much longer.


The first testers will get access to Google’s new generative tools this month. To begin with, the system will work only in the USA and in English, and gradually the base of users, possibilities and available languages will be expanded. It was especially emphasized that this is just the beginning of the application of artificial intelligence in this way, that it will grow over time, but also that Google will take care that it is completely safe and that it is developed in a responsible way.






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