Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Caffeine – a handy tool for Android that will keep the screen on

This is a very practical app that will come in very handy when you often want to set your smartphone screen to stay on. Namely, it is set as a button on the Android quick settings slider menu and prevents the screen from turning off automatically…


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It is a very specific app with actually only one purpose, and that is to keep the screen on. Although there are a number of ways to make the screen not turn off automatically, Caffeine App for Android ranks among perhaps the most practical.

As this is actually a similar feature that can be seen in LineageOS, it is set as another option on the quick settings menu that is available on Android by sliding on the screen from top to bottom, and then just activating it and the screen should not turn off until it is done manually.

There aren’t any particularly advanced features, but some useful things can be set in the configuration (Caffeine stays on the quick settings menu longer). For example, it is possible to set Caffeine to turn off automatically after the device is locked.

Caffeine App for Android – Manual – How to use


In addition, it is possible to set to turn off or on dimmed screens, and there is a special modality (Compatibility mode) that should be included if Caffeine does not work after installation. The same is true for certain automation options, but this is all still experimental.

Either way, it’s a handy add-on, and although it has problems from time to time (especially on phones that quite aggressively want to save battery), it generally works pretty well and is also free.







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