dynamicSpot – dynamic island for Android

The dynamic island for notifications and other functions is quite a popular feature on the iPhone 14 Pro, and the same feature has been available on Android phones for some time now. This is one of the most popular applications that allows just that…


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Name dynamicSpot
Purpose It brings the dynamic island feature to Android phones
Android Play Store
iOS No
Price Free / $4,99


Since the popular dynamic island first appeared on the iPhone 14 Pro, it didn’t take long for the feature to appear on Android smartphones. Of course, in order to make this possible, one of the applications must be installed, and dynamicSpot still asserts itself as one of the most popular and best.

This app has been downloaded more than 5.000.000 times, which not only testifies to how much Android phone users like this functionality built into Apple phones, but how faithful the dynamicSpot application is in replicating this feature on Android.

The application itself is easy to use and adjust, but you should keep in mind that it needs to be given the appropriate privileges in order to work. Fortunately, everything will be adjusted immediately after the first launch of the application, and once everything is ready, it is possible to adjust additional parameters and personalize the application to a certain level.


The basic version of the application is free but therefore limited in capabilities. But whoever is ready to pay $4,99, will remove the restrictions and get things like the ability to display on the lock screen, set this interactive island to be displayed always, set additional actions, and much more. In other words, all those who want to have an interactive island typical of iPhone on Android will get exactly that with this application.






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