Sunday, October 1, 2023

New iPhone without SIM Card by the end of 2022?


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We have known for some time that Apple is preparing an iPhone without a SIM card, and according to information, that could happen soon.

Half of this mission of the Cupertino-based company has already been accomplished, as Apple has so far released an iPhone with eSIM support. The next natural step is to completely reject the physical SIM.

iPhone eSIM phone
Source: Apple

According to Tony Fadel, who is considered the father of the iPod, this would be a completely clear move by the company. This is because it was originally planned that the iPhone would not have a SIM card slot, and this was Steve Jobs’ idea.

Fadel points out that Jobs wanted to release the iPhone only with CDMA, which later happened via the Verizon network. Fadel says that he discussed this with Jobs, emphasizing that the announcement of such a device would make little sense, given the weaker acceptance of CDMA.


In other words, Fadel believed (and he was right) that poor CDMA acceptance would prevent the iPhone from becoming a big hit and as popular as it is now.

It is now believed that Apple is planning an iPhone without a SIM slot for 2022, although there is a possibility that the company will not fully implement this strategy. Only one iPhone without SIM support could be delivered, and by 2023 it would be extended to all models.







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