Friday, September 29, 2023

US official launch: Apple’s Self Service Repair


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Last year, Apple announced the Self Service Repair program (the ability to purchase genuine Apple parts and self-install or repair). The program brings over 200 genuine Apple parts and repair tools for the iPhone 12 and 13 series, as well as the new iPhone SE 2022.

The program is now launched in the US so users can easily order parts there and repair their devices themselves.

iPhone owners can select and order parts from the Apple Self Service Repair Store, and they can also mail their old parts by credit (discount) at the store. There’s even the option to rent a repair tool for $49 a week so you don’t have to buy special phone repair equipment.

You can buy almost anything, so there are screens, batteries, speakers, camera modules, SIM trays, and Taptic motors as well as a bunch of different spare parts like screws.


Prices of course vary, so for example, the screen package for the iPhone 13 (includes screen, screw set, glue, and security screws) costs $269.95, while the spare battery pack costs $70.99. By sending your old screen you get $33.60 credit in the store, while the old battery brings you $24.15.

Apple notes that Self Service Repair is intended for individuals who have experience with the complexity of repairing electronic devices. Apple also expressly states that repairing your phone with parts from the Self Service Repair program will not void your warranty, although any hardware damage that occurs during the repair process will not be covered.

Some fixes, such as replacing the screen, will require system configuration software to complete the repair process. Users will need to contact Self Service Repair Store support online or by phone to run system configuration software to complete the repair.

Apple says the Self Repair program will eventually expand to additional regions and is expected in Europe later this year.







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