Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple Watch 6 blank screen free repair


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Apple has announced a free repair program for faulty Series 6, which have a specific screen problem. Specifically, this is a small percentage of the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 that has a faulty screen. The problem causes the screen to turn black permanently and not respond.

The screen problem affects some Apple Watch Series 6 units manufactured between April and September 2021. Apple, therefore, offers a free service to fix a specific problem on the listed devices. Users who fall into this category can check to see if they qualify for the free service through Apple’s official website. By checking the serial number on the website, you can determine if your watch qualifies for the repair program.

All identified owners of the Apple Watch Series 6 with a damaged screen will have their watches repaired free of charge (damage caused by a manufacturing defect, not damage caused by your mistake). Repairs can be done at official Apple stores or authorized service centers.

If during the assessment any problem other than the one mentioned is identified, the owner will bear the cost of such repair. Apple Watch Series 6 customers are globally entitled to a warranty service that covers devices within one year (2 years in Europe) of purchase or product activation.


It is not yet clear what could have caused the problem and how the faulty screens passed the quality control at all, Apple also did not say whether the units with this problem were withdrawn from sale, but they are probably in secret.

The Apple Watch Series 6 was a very successful model, the Watch 7 also proved to be a worthy successor, and the Watch Series 8 is already in preparation, which is expected to be as successful as its predecessors.







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