Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 financial report


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The first quarter of 2022 is behind us and companies around the world are publishing business reports for that period. One such report was published by the South Korean technology giant Samsung. How did Samsung do business?

Samsung introduced 4 high-end phones in the first quarter of this year, unlike the same quarter last year. The company also introduced the Galaxy S21 FE, in addition to the Galaxy S22 trio. How satisfied is Samsung with the Galaxy S22 series sales?

The company released a financial report on its operations in the first quarter of this year, and the results are more than fantastic. Namely, Samsung announced that it achieved record consolidated revenue for the third quarter in a row. Operating profit amounted to 14.12 billion KRW, an increase of as much as 51% over the same period last year. Samsung’s Device Experience (DX) division generated the highest revenue since 2013.

A detailed financial report states that literally, all departments of the company recorded an annual increase in both sales and operating profit. Samsung Display, which produces screens for large smartphone manufacturers, and Samsung Display Business, which produces TVs, also achieved enviable results. According to Samsung, the demand was high for Neo QLED and Super Big TVs.


When it comes to the company’s mobile department, which is certainly what interests us the most, it has also achieved enviable results.

Samsung stated that the credit for the annual increase in sales and operating profit of the mobile department belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which was presented earlier this year. Samsung specifically mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which reveals that this phone is the most popular among the Galaxy S22 trio.

Unfortunately, the exact figures on the number of Galaxy S22 models sold have not been revealed, but it is obvious that they are good according to Samsung, as soon as the mobile department records sales and revenue growth.







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