Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung phone and tablet repairs at half price?

Samsung Electronics could redouble its recycling efforts by launching a mobile device repair program that repurposes recycled components. In theory, this could halve the cost of replacing certain parts.


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The goal is to reduce waste by repurposing used hardware through a mobile device repair program. The company would reportedly offer recycled parts with a certified manufacturer as a replacement and ensure that their quality is at the level of new components.

Repairs Galaxy phones and tablets at half price?

Samsung Electronics is reportedly considering launching this program to repair mobile recycling devices in the next few months, and the deadline seems to be around June.

Once the program actually gets up and running, it could allow customers to get a recycled replacement smartphone screen at half the price of a new one. This is good for two reasons:

  • the first is that you did not buy a screen of questionable quality from the questionable manufacturer, and
  • the second is that the service was performed in an authorized service, so the quality and safety of service are at a higher level.

Although it is unclear whether this recycling component-based repair program will come to life, it would fit into the company’s current vision if launched this year, as Samsung uses recycled fishing nets for some uncritical Galaxy S22 components and also removed wall chargers from retailers. box supposedly to reduce waste and thus contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Samsung also announced a DIY repair program this month that should come this summer, so launching a repair program based on recycled parts could be the next step.

Environmental awareness is one of the main topics in society today, especially with large companies such as Samsung and Apple, which “save nature” by removing chargers from boxes and “accidentally” save billions of dollars.







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