Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Galaxy S10 Lite could still get Android 13 and One UI 5.0


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Along with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has introduced the One UI 4.1 based on Android 12. Samsung’s new software upgrade policy for high-end devices (but also the Galaxy A53 5G) says that all devices will receive 4 major Android upgrades and 5 years of future security upgrades. Samsung recently updated the upgrade data for the Galaxy S10 series, but one device from this series remained unmentioned.

The Galaxy S10 series was introduced more than three years ago but still has a large user base. Samsung introduced four Samsung Galaxy S10 models more than three years ago. Then the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 +, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G were introduced.

All of these phones come with Android 9 Pie and all have received three major Android upgrades so far. Samsung recently announced that these four models will receive quarterly security upgrades in the future, meaning they won’t get Android 13 and One UI 5.0.

But one member of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series Samsung introduced much later and you guessed it – it’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. This phone was introduced as the last member of the Galaxy S10 series in early 2020. What distinguishes it, among other things, from the four models mentioned above, is that it comes with Android 10.


Considering that all Galaxy S10 models have received 3 major Android upgrades, it is to be expected that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will receive the same treatment, which means it should get Android 13.

This phone has received two major Android upgrades so far and those on Android 11 and Android 12. This phone could even get some smaller versions of One UI 5.0, such as versions 5.1 or 5.1.1. Once it gets Android 13, the phone should be switched to quarterly security updates.







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