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PlayStation Plus: Free May’s Games

Sony has announced May's free titles for PS Plus members, who will be able to include FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods in their collections from Tuesday, May 3.


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At the end of each month, Sony regularly informs us about new titles that subscribers to their PS Plus service will be able to include in their collections for free.

FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods are planned for May, and the announcement is also a kind of reminder for those who may have forgotten to appropriate this month’s free titles, as they have only a few days left to enrich their collections with a few clicks:

  • Hood: Outlaws & Legends,
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated and
  • Slay the Spire.


FIFA 22 (PS4, PS5)


Although we have been hearing for years that each edition of the FIFA football simulation does not bring anything new compared to its predecessor, there is no doubt that this is currently the most popular series in this genre.

The new FIFA 22 brings over 17,000 players from around the world, over 700 teams, and 90 stadiums, as well as more than 30 different leagues. In addition to the teams offered, players have the opportunity to create and lead their dream club, design jerseys, own a stadium, and decide whether they want to play immediately in the leagues of elite teams or slowly clear their path from the bottom.

In addition to the managerial role, we can embark on this sporting adventure as a player who will go from an unknown football player to a world-famous star for whom the most famous clubs of today will compete. Of course, we should not forget FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT for short, as we have called this most popular way of playing for years, and in it, we choose the best for our clubs from thousands of players and compete against computers or other players of this extremely numerous community. grow even more.


Tribes of Midgard (PS4, PS5)

Although for many FIFA 22 is the star-offer in May, we personally took a closer look at Tribes of Midgard, an action RPG with a strong emphasis on cooperative play. Numerous elements such as action, survival, and even roguelite are included, based on the defense of our villages against deadly spirits and giants trying to destroy the seed of Yggdrasil, the sacred Nordic tree we swore to protect and prevent the end of the world, namely Ragnarok.

With the support of playing up to ten players, each new game takes us into a procedurally generated world with virtually nothing, to progress and gather experience to improve the selected class, make better equipment and weapons, and discover unique runes that will visibly improve our performance.

Although Tribes of Midgard can be played on its own, the authors recommend a minimum of four players who will go far beyond a lone warrior through communication and joint planning. Try it anyway.



Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4)

The last game we will be able to include in the collections during May is Curse of the Dead Gods, another roguelike, but intended exclusively for solo playing. With an isometric view, players take on the role of explorers who will travel to three dungeons in search of wealth, power, and eternal life.

As befits, dungeons are procedurally generated, so that each new game will not be similar to the previous one, so the deadly traps and opponents will be distributed differently.

Progress brings new upgrades and weapons divided into ten different classes that define the style of play, while a special treasure we can buy and permanent upgrades that remain in our new attempts to switch the game. In any case, Curse of the Dead Gods does not sound bad at all, and it is supported by ratings whose average on all platforms is around eighty percent.







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