Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sony has sold more than 19 million PlayStation 5 consoles

Sony announced that two million PlayStation 5 consoles were sold last quarter.


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Sony has sold a total of 19.3 million copies of its next-generation console. At the same time, the company sold significantly fewer consoles during the last quarter than in the same period the previous year, when 3.3 million consoles were sold.

That’s why sales of games for PlayStation 4 and PS5 increased, so 70.5 million titles were sold. During the same period last year, 61.4 million games were sold.

The Sony GSN (Game & Network Services) division earned $ 5.1 million during the previous quarter, slightly more than last year.

Overall results show that sales of the PlayStation 5 console are not as good as sales of the PlayStation 4, but Sony expected that. The company pointed out that the shortage influenced the decline in the chip supply chain sales and the impossibility of producing a sufficient number of consoles.


However, the company believes in improving the situation and predicts a 34 percent increase in sales for the next quarter. The launch of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription services, which will arrive in June, could also boost PS5 console sales.







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