Saturday, March 25, 2023

Microsoft has patent to convert physical Xbox games to digital


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The company intends to preserve the physical gaming market in an era where exclusively digital consoles are taking over.

Microsoft has applied for a new patent, a system that would allow players to use another device (Older Xbox console or PC) to verify ownership of a physical game and then get a license to play the title digitally, without a physical disk.

This can be helpful to those gamers who buy the Xbox Series S console, as this device only supports digital games and has no disc drive.

Xbox Series S console
Source: Xbox

It is not known whether this method would allow users to have a permanent license for digital games or whether that license would expire after a certain time. Also, it is not known whether the verification system would require an external disk drive and what would happen to the disk after obtaining a digital license.


While there are some questions about Microsoft’s plans for this patented system, it seems to be more user-oriented than Microsoft’s original plans for the Xbox One.







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