Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FIFA and EA Sports Will End Their Partnership

There is a saying that all good things have an end, and that seems to have awaited us with two outstanding series of football simulations.


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First, Pro Evolution Soccer, or the popular PES, disappeared because the company KONAMI decided to switch this series to a truncated free-to-play model and offer users, to put it mildly, unfinished, eFootball. We all know how that experiment went.

An even more popular football simulation is disappearing – FIFA, named after the football organization of the same name. Why? According to the news, FIFA and Electronic Arts have failed to reach a new agreement that would suit both parties, and the name FIFA will no longer be allowed to be used as the name of this video game. So, one legend is gone, and now another is leaving.

It will be replaced by EA Sports FC, the spiritual successor to the football simulations developed by EA, i.e., it’s EA Vancouver and EA Romania branches. For now, there is still no information on which licenses this simulation will have because the agreement with the umbrella football organization meant using the names of specific teams and players. Still, we are only familiar with the official name of the video game that will appear in 2023.

Goodbye FIFA

For about three decades, Electronic Arts have published this video game series with its subsidiary EA Sports. We do not doubt that there are many young generations for whom FIFA is just a video game and not a world football organization.


Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts:

 “We are grateful for many years of a great partnership with FIFA. The future of world football is very bright, and the community of fans worldwide has never been stronger. We have an incredible opportunity to put EA Sports FC at the center of this sport and bring even more innovative and authentic experiences to football fans. “

So, EA no longer produces the FIFA series of football games. Let’s be honest, lately, it has been less and less a simulation of football and more and more malignant microtransactions. That’s why we are afraid of what will happen with EA Sports FC. But there are opportunities for some other companies to buy licenses and make their ultimate football simulation.







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