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Top 5 things about App Gallery


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Huawei has done an impressive job with the AppGallery app store and occupancy of apps is at an enviable level. In fact, everything that 95% of users will ever need.

Huawei recently unveiled the latest device from Huawei’s new series of smartphones. It is a Nova 9 SE smartphone with a modern design with innovative features and a quadruple-camera system that encourages the development of creativity and provides all generations with the enjoyment of photography.

In addition to enviable looks and versatile camera performance, the Nova 9 SE comes with a preloaded AppGallery store, Huawei’s official app download platform, featuring the most popular global and local apps, and we bring you the 5 most important things you need to know about it.

1. The number of users is growing day by day
AppGallery is the first real alternative to the current standard in the last few years, and since its introduction, the store has shown impressive growth in the number of users, with more than 730 million monthly active users worldwide, an increase of 10% over last year.


2. Global applications
In AppGallery you can find a large number of the most popular global and local applications such as Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, Deezer, Tidal, Booking.com, Amazon, Revolut, and others.

At AppGallery you will find popular Microsoft Office productivity tools, but also the fastest growing social network in the world TikTok, where user shots of the Nova 9 SE smartphone will stand out thanks to the creative features of the quad-camera system.

3. Local applications
There are also a number of local apps available in AppGallery, so you don’t have to worry about finding an app from your mobile operator as well as banks, as Huawei has secured its presence in its store. The apps are segmented into a total of 18 categories, including news, social media, entertainment, and more, all of which can be searched with a simple and seamless view.

It should also be noted that Huawei is constantly expanding the range of available apps.

4. Quick Apps
AppGallery has also introduced a new experience of using non-installed applications – Quick Apps, which use a fifth of the code compared to Android applications, thus taking up less memory space. Users can use more than 2,000 Quick Apps, instead of 20 native apps with just 1GB of space.

5. Easy application search
If users can’t find an app, all they have to do is send the desired app name to Wishlist. Once placed there, the user will receive a notification once it becomes available. Also, applications can be found on the official website of the app.

Huawei is making great efforts to add new applications to its store on a daily basis and pays special attention to local applications.

Huawei products and services


All users who buy a Huawei Nova 9 SE smartphone by June 28, are entitled to free screen protection for 12 months. The smartphone screen can be replaced once for free, at no extra cost. Free protection is valid if the mobile phone screen breaks due to an accident (eg impact, fall, or pressure).

Huawei recently unveiled its first professional racing watch, the Watch GT Runner. The new watch combines the best of the renowned GT series and provides new features that will satisfy all recreational and professional runners.

There are two leading Huawei P series devices on sale, the P50 Pocket, and the P50 Pro. Both devices come with AppGallery, the third-largest app store in the world, and if users have any doubts about how to use the apps, they can find all the information on the AppsOnHMS page.

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