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Huawei EV AITO M7 – details and photos


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Last year, Huawei introduced its first electric car called the AITO M5 under its AITO subbrand. The company has recorded decent sales results for this car, whose deliveries have started recently, and Huawei seems to be strongly continuing to develop electric cars in the market. The plan of the Chinese company to present the successor of the AITO M5 car has now been confirmed.

IT Home reports that Huawei’s AITO M7 has been certified in China’s MIIT database, meaning the car is largely completed. The certificate itself does not say that the car is really called AITO M7, but one blurred text in the photo suggests that it is the name of the car AITO M7.

Huawei AITO M7 Back
Source: IT Home

The certificate reveals that the AITO M7 is a mid-size 6-seat hybrid electric SUV, but still slightly larger than its predecessor. Judging by its appearance, the AITO M7 has a similar design to its predecessor. It has a huge grille for air ventilation on the front bumper, a smooth and straight roofline, aerodynamic transparent headlights, etc.

Huawei AITO M7 Front
Source: IT Home

The car, unlike its predecessor, does not have the “Huawei Zhixuan” logo on its predecessor. However, as the photos do not reveal the car from all angles, it is possible that Huawei has decided to move the logo to another location on the car.

Huawei AITO M7 windows-wheel
Source: IT Home

The Huawei AITO M7 weighs 2340 kg and its dimensions are 5020 mm x 1945 mm x 1775 m. The electric hybrid car will use a 1.5 T combination to expand the range + engine. The MIIT states that the fuel consumption is 1.05L / 100 km.

As the AITO M5 began shipping to customers only last month, its successor is expected to be unveiled later this year.


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