Tuesday, October 3, 2023

FIFA+ – a free streaming service for football fans

It is the official streaming platform of the world's highest football organization, and through which you can enjoy watching football matches and other video content related to football. For now, everything is still relatively modest, but in the future, you should be able to watch live broadcasts of matches…


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FIFA+ is a new streaming platform backed by the world’s top football organization. The ambitions for the platform are quite high, judging by the announcements, and what can now be obtained and seen completely free of charge will surely be interesting to fans of the most important sideline in the world.

Source: FIFA


FIFA+ is available for iOS and Android

In addition to watching a series of historical matches from world competitions in their entirety, documentaries, short clips, and other football-related content are also available on the platform. However, what will make this app and platform potentially indispensable to football fans is certainly the announcement that live broadcasts will be available until the end of the year.

Source: FIFA

The plans are really ambitious, so the plan is to broadcast more than 40,000 matches a year live. In addition, the application will allow you to see a number of football data and results from various football competitions and leagues, and there is additional content such as games, quizzes, predictions, and everything that could be interesting to football fans.

In addition, original content can be followed via the platform and application (in addition to the already mentioned documentaries and series, there are other shows and short films). So far, everything is still relatively modest, but there is already enough content to waste hours watching historical matches, documentaries, and other video content. To make things even better – everything is completely free.







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