Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Apple is selling a smart bottle


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Apple has just announced a new product for the Indian market, and that is the new Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle. The new gadget has also been added to the list of officially supported third-party accessories, so let’s take a look at what it offers.

Apple is known for the high prices of its electronic products (premium device – premium price), but this new product is not just an expensive bottle of water. It is a smart product that can track the amount of water users consume. Allegedly, the smart bottle is imported into the Apple ecosystem, and with the information obtained, for example from the fitness app, it informs users about the required amount of water that needs to be ingested and at what intervals.

The new series of Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottles includes four models. And these are, in turn, Hydrate Spark 3, Hydrate Spark Pro, Hydrate Spark Steel, and Hydrate Spark Steel Pro. For now, finer details about these smart bottles and what distinguishes them are unknown. Although, official notes state that they have a vacuum-insulated thermos body that can keep drinks at the same temperature all day.

The Hidrate Spark 3 base has a capacity of 590 ml and costs 59.95 US dollars (56 euros). Meanwhile, the Pro variant has a water capacity of 710 ml and also has the same price. On the other hand, the Steel version with a capacity of 620 ml costs 69.95 US dollars (66 euros), while the Pro Steel model is a top variant with a capacity of 950 ml and is available for 79.95 US dollars (75 euros).


It is not clear which part of the Indian audience Apple is targeting with this product, and probably the affluent part of the population for whom fitness is one of the main parts of life.







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