Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple in Brazil has to pay $ 1,000 to the customer for not shipping the charger in the iPhone box


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Some time ago, Apple decided to take the charger out of the box with the smartphone. Not long after the US company, the others followed in the same footsteps. However, Apple did not go that way everywhere, and in some countries they paid fines. One of those countries is Brazil.

These days, another case of Apple being punished for throwing a charger out of a phone box has been reported in this country.

Apple explained the unpopular move of removing the charger from the box with the phone with “environmental awareness”. But last year, with the iPhone 12 series, it didn’t work out in some parts of Brazil.

Namely, at that time Apple in Sao Paulo was ordered to include a charger in the box with the phone. It was then stated that Apple failed to show the environmental benefit allegedly achieved by removing the charger from the boxes and that by advertising the new iPhone 12 phones it did not state clearly enough that the charger would not come in the sales package.


A new case around Apple’s release of the charger these days has been recorded in Brazil.

The Court in the Brazilian city of Goiania stated in one of its verdicts that Apple violates consumer protection laws, and ordered the American company to compensate the customer to whom the iPhone was delivered without a charger.

Tecmundo reports that one customer sued Apple separately in this Brazilian city and won the lawsuit. The court stated that Apple used malicious and illegal business practices, which violate the Consumer Protection Code.

The epilogue of the lawsuit is that Apple was ordered to pay the plaintiff a monetary compensation of 5,000 Brazilian reals, which is about 1,065 dollars. It is not known which iPhone model the plaintiff had, but he received compensation almost in the amount of the iPhone 13.







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