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World Password Day reminds you to take care of online security

The goal of World Password Day is to create awareness of the need for passwords that will ensure robust security.


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World Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday in May worldwide, and this year, that day is celebrated on May 5th. The goal of World Password Day is to raise awareness of the need for strong password security.

As we spend a lot of time online, most of us are used to sharing our personal information, so we often do not think about the possible consequences that this can cause. That’s why passwords are essential for securing data, privacy, and sensitive information.

Over time, people have realized that a long password is not enough to keep any information secure in digital form. A unique and strong password, which potential hackers cannot crack, should be considered.



Why is World Password Day celebrated?

Because we live in a highly digital world, we all have too much personal data stored on digital platforms. It becomes challenging to keep track of and remember all passwords or PINs, which is why most of us use the same password for everyone. In this way, we expose our personal data to a high risk of online fraud. World Password Day emphasizes that if only one password is compromised, all our digital identities can be compromised.

How to protect our passwords?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is create an extra layer of security while logging on. These include two-factor authentication, FIDO security key, face recognition, and disposable code. The login process becomes even more secure when the password is combined with other security checks.

History of World Password Day

The famous computer scientist Fernando Corbato was the first person to introduce modern computer passwords in the 1960s. He supported using passwords to give researchers access to private research files at MIT.

In 2005, author Mark Brunet discussed the idea of ​​marking the day of passwords through his book entitled Perfect Passwords. Then, in 2013, Intel established World Password Day to raise awareness of the importance of strong passwords.







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