Friday, November 18, 2022

NFT is a new target for hackers

Hackers also want to take advantage of the popularity of NFT, so they send emails to the creators with a link to malware that can steal data from their computers.


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However, in addition to those who want quick money, cybercriminals also see their opportunity in this market. As the cyber security company Malwarebytes warns, there is an increasing number of attacks in which the naivety of the creators of NFT content is exploited.

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Namely, some of them received an invitation from the team representing “Cyberpunk Ape Executives” – since NFT monkeys are very popular, this name sounds like a collection of tokens. The message praises the recipient and his work so far and NFT collections, so he is invited to participate in a new project in which he will “create irresistible NFT characters.”

Your characters will be an essential part of our NFT universe, the message says, and it also contains a link to the page from which you need to download one file. The file contains three GIFs and one EXE file, which, if run on a computer, steals data stored on it. Also, new phishing messages are sent from their accounts to people from the contact list in order to increase the number of infected computers.


Although such attacks are not uncommon, Futurism points out that hackers have not targeted the NFT market so much so far. Still, with the growing popularity, it seems that this is becoming a new and interesting target.

Also, Malwarebyte warns that, although the attacks are aimed at individuals, there is a great risk for companies and organizations, especially if fraudulent emails are opened on business computers.







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