Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Lego wants a Minecraft-like video game

Lego plans to intensify its activities in the field of digital games because it fears that the world of online games will greatly shake the business that is based only on plastic cubes.


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Lego plans to triple the number of developers by the end of 2023 and employ 1,800 of them. The company, after being on the verge of collapse in 2003, has developed new ideas and projects aimed at digital games. In this field, Lego has also achieved success with smaller games.

What the company is missing is a big game, and it is stated that the management of Lego has been frustrated for years because the opportunity to develop a game like Minecraft was missed.

Lego is now cooperating with the company Epic, which is behind the Fortnite game. The two companies have a plan to create a metaverse, which would be aimed at children and is expected to be presented over the next year.

Company officials point out that the dice will remain at the heart of Lego’s business, but they are already linked to some digital initiatives – whether it’s video games or TV shows and series.








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