Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The vulnerability of Apple devices increased by as much as 467%

According to a recently published cyber security report, the presence of vulnerabilities on Apple devices has increased significantly between the first and second half of 2021.


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Analyzes conducted by AtlasVPN and Telefonica Tech show that the vulnerability of Apple devices during the second half of last year recorded a significant jump of as much as 467 percent compared to the first half of 2021.

Only Huawei recorded a higher increase in vulnerability (814%). Interestingly, the number of vulnerabilities reported on Apple devices was 380, while 201 were detected on Huawei devices. On the other hand, both Microsoft and Google had a higher number of vulnerabilities detected on their products and services.

According to AtlasVPN, most of Apple’s vulnerabilities were discovered in Safari’s browser and operating systems on various products. It also points out that because a lot of Apple software is connected, vulnerabilities tend to affect multiple product lines.

Asked why Apple is recording such a large increase in vulnerabilities, Vilius Kardelis from AtlasVPN said that it is due to the increased demand of companies for the use of Apple devices. This also suggests that more people are switching from Windows to macOS.


Another reason for the increase in Apple’s vulnerability is that cyber security researchers are reporting numerous options for exploiting iPhone and Mac devices. This includes executing the “zero-day” code (CVE-2021-30860), which Apple patched in September last year, and which was used to deliver Pegasus spyware to devices.







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