Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU will consume insane amounts of power

Nvidia feels threatened by AMD's offer, and in the future by Intel, so rumors suggest that the company will decide on some unusual moves when it comes to the upcoming RTX 40 "Lovelace" series of graphics cards.


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New reports mention that the premium Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU will require a total TBP (total board power) of 600 watts, which is the maximum voltage that a PCIe 5.0 16 power cable can handle. This is the equivalent of four PCIe 6 + 2-pin cables, as common power supplies have.

To compete with the AMD RDNA 3 line of graphics cards, Nvidia will push to the limit the need for power on its RTX 40 series GPUs. On the other hand, customized RTX 4090 models from Nvidia’s partners could consume more than 600 watts. By comparison, the Nvidia RTX 3090 has a TBP of 350W, while the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti has a TBP of 450W.

Nvidia is also preparing a Quadro pro series of Lovelace graphics cards, intended for professional users, but it will not require the same levels of consumption as models intended for demanding gaming consumers and will have a limited TBP of 375W.

It is clear to the company that the offer of powerful, flagship graphics cards will be of the utmost importance for success, which means that maximum performance will have to be extracted from the RTX 40 series. This includes the maximum requirements when it comes to consumption and power.








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