Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Nothing contracts Europe and India sales partners for Nothing (1)


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Nothing is contracting sales partners for its first upcoming smartphone, Nothing (1).

Nothing (co-founder of OnePlus) Carl Pei has been planning to introduce its smartphone for a long time. After the successful introduction of the wireless ear headphones (1), the company has been working on the development of the first smartphone for a long time.

His name should be Nothing (1) and this special or different name should primarily be thanked the company’s founder Carl Pei. If you are hoping to say something more about the features themselves this time around, unfortunately, we have to disappoint you.

Because this time, too, it’s not about the outdated features of the Nothing (1) smartphone, and what has been seen so far remains within the presentation of the operating system presented by Carl Pei, which you can see in the video below.


Nothing has decided to contract with various mobile service providers in Europe and India to make the sale of Nothing (1) smartphone and the placement as soon as possible once this smartphone is introduced.

To begin with, let’s say that in the UK Nothing will have a partnership with O2, a mobile service provider, and O2 will be the sales representative of this manufacturer for these smartphones.

Another country on the list of “Nothing” smartphone sales in Germany, where the sales representative or mobile service provider will be Telecom.

However, there is also the availability of O2 mobile service providers in Germany, so O2 will sell Nothing (1) in Germany as well. For the Indian market, the main retailer will be mobile service provider Flipkart.

These are currently three mobile service providers, namely the United Kingdom, Germany and India, where Nothing (1) will be sold or available. However, we would take this with a dose of reserve because we believe that the “list” of partners for the sale of Nothing (1) smartphone is much larger.

Let’s remember how we wrote that Nothing will present its first smartphone back in March, but it still didn’t happen. When Carl Pei introduced the operating system that will run Nothing (1) everything was pretty abbreviated and it was basically a custom Android platform, a little customized with a few widgets that Nothing added.

Therefore, we would take all this with a dose of reserve and really wait for the presentation of the mentioned smartphone. Because as the saying goes, until we really see it on store shelves (i.e. until we see the presentation) we don’t believe in the existence of Nothing (1) smartphone.







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