Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Take a look at the new Outlook

Microsoft's new e-mail application, One Outlook, which the company has been working on for some time, seems to be finally finished.


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The “One Outlook” project has been under construction for several years now, and the current information is that it is nearing completion. Some users have already managed to download the new app, which was noticed by Windows Central, although it seems that currently, the app only works for business and educational accounts.

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Those who have already tried the app have shared some photos, and it looks like One Outlook is exactly what we expected.

You can download the app from this link.


It has long been rumored that the future Microsoft e-mail application will be like the Outlook web application, and it seems that the new application is just proof of that. Thus, One Outlook looks much more straightforward than previous versions of Outlook for Windows.

Still, it is also much better equipped with various functions than the default Mail application on Windows, which One Outlook should also replace. It is a web application, which means that it is fully hosted on the web, which is a long-term effort of Microsoft.

Scott Stiles, vice president of product management for Outlook, told The Verge that Microsoft “appreciates users’ excitement about the next update, and will have more information in the coming weeks.” He added that the app’s current version, which is available to several users, is an unsupported test version that lacks some features and enhancements that will be available to beta testers. He stated that users should wait for the beta version to test the app.

It is speculated that the US company could officially announce this application at the end of this month at its Build Developer conference. The application will replace Mail, Calendar, and possibly other versions of Outlook.








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