Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port


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According to a reliable Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 15 will reportedly come with a USB-C port. However, it is still too early to consider this claim 100% certain, as we are very far from introducing the iPhone 15 series (approximately a year and a couple of months).

Kuo’s claim is based on his latest research: a conversation with suppliers. He adds that the new iPhone will reject the Lightning port in favor of the USB-C port. Apple will improve the iPhone’s data transfer and charging speed in the hardware part, but the final details and specifications will depend on iOS support.

Kuo says existing Apple-based USB-C vendors are expected to become the market focus in the next two to three years precisely because of the high need for iPhones and accessories to adopt USB-C ports. This also suggests that Kuo predicts that Apple will completely abandon Lightning Port.

In addition, the EU is approaching the introduction of a new law that will require smartphone manufacturers to remove all proprietary charging ports and switch to USB-C, which is considered the gold standard for charging and data transfer.


Currently, as we all know, Apple iPhones come with the Lightning port. The brand adopted a USB-C port for the Mac back in 2015, and the iPad switched from Lightning to USB-C in 2018.

This left the iPhone as Apple’s base device with a Lightning connector. According to some previous reports, there was a possibility that iPhone would keep the outdated connector until the solution was switched on without any ports. Still, it seems that this will not be the case.







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