Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple turns iPhone into breathalyzer?

Someone will be locked in their car...


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Apple is considering locking its users in the car, but with good reason. What’s the matter?

Patently Apple reports that Apple has a patent to improve its Car Keys feature, which uses NFC to turn an iPhone or Apple Watch into a digital car key. Namely, the US company is reportedly planning to install an option to allow the iPhone or maybe even the Apple Watch to test the user.

Thus, this option could lead to the driver, who is under the influence of alcohol, being locked in his car. At the beginning of last year, Apple filed an interesting patent that would enter information from databases into the iPhone and Apple Watch, which would contain data related to the characteristics of human breath, acceptable blood alcohol levels for driving, etc.

If, for example, the iPhone, but perhaps the Apple Watch, which is previously connected to the Car Keys feature, will set tasks for the driver in the moments before he starts his car. So users will have a variety of tasks, such as a skill task or some math task, to make sure the iPhone or Apple Watch is a driver capable of driving. If the driver cannot solve the task/tasks, iPhone will lock the car for a certain amount of time before the user gets a new task.


The latest patent could improve last year’s one, which could make it much easier to check if a driver is fit to drive with the breathalyzer feature.

Apple isn’t the only one thinking about turning the iPhone into a personal breathalyzer, so there are already BACtarck and AlcoDigital Neo, which take advantage of the iPhone’s processor to deliver fast breathalyzer results. However, these applications use external measurement accessories. But now, Apple’s latest patent could lead to the iPhone itself performing alcohol testing on users.

However, the breathalyzer option itself will have to be activated by the user, which means that the effectiveness of the feature will depend mainly on the user’s consciousness.

Although the idea itself is still in its infancy, it is encouraging that Apple has taken this issue seriously.







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