Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Amaze File Manager – file manager for Android phones


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This is a really nicely made file manager for Android phones, which is primarily distinguished by a well-designed interface, well-balanced capabilities, but also the fact that it is an open source app.

Amaze File Manager is a pretty good file manager on Android smartphones, which stands out among many competitors with its minimalist but well-designed interface, quite solid general equipment and capabilities, as well as the fact that it is an open source application.

The modern but minimalist interface helps with the general impression of excellent performance, and this is supported by smooth animations, the ability to choose between several themes and even the option to choose the colors of individual elements in the interface, which further emphasizes its flexibility.

But it’s not just the handy interface that makes Amaze File Manager so interesting. There are also some pretty solid features, and in addition to the usual features one would expect from an app of this type, there are some pretty useful things and support.


For example, it supports multiple tabs at the same time, there is support for FTP / FTPS, SMB and SFTP, then support for encrypting and decrypting files using AES cryptographic algorithm, and advanced users who have rooted their phones this file manager will be equally useful.

There is also support for cloud services, but this can only be obtained by purchasing the appropriate plugin (Amaze Cloud Plugin). Admittedly, the app itself is actually completely free (no ads are shown either), but donations are accepted as a way to support further development.

You can download Amaze File Manager for your Android phone here.







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