Saturday, September 30, 2023

Google Maps brings Immersive View


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During its I/O event, Google announced several improvements for many of its apps. One of the most exciting and impressive, at least when it comes to software, is improving the Maps application’s experience.

Google wants to provide users with an even richer experience than the one currently offered by “Street View” functionality, which is amazing.

Immersive View

Google emphasizes preparing an “absolutely new experience for its users,” and the functionality itself is called “Immersive View.” So what will this new functionality bring to the Maps application so “immersively”?

The idea is to give Immersive View users an even more detailed and realistic view of specific locations within Google Maps. If you ask us, this is a bit of real revolution, almost equal to the one brought to you by Street View.


As we were thrilled then as we explored photos of our alleys, we will now be delighted to explore some of the world’s most attractive locations in something that looks like a completely photorealistic 3D environment. So it’s almost like you’re there. For starters, the focus of Immersive View functionality will be on significant world capitals, famous monuments, sites, and some of the more popular restaurants.

Equally interesting is the way Google has developed this new feature. The company’s engineers used a combination of advanced computational methods and artificial intelligence to assemble billions of photographs taken for the Street View service and make three-dimensional reproductions of some of the world’s most famous locations.

Artificial intelligence is the key

Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained that they did not use drones to take photos used for Immersive View but how they came to these impressive results through artificial intelligence.

But Google does not plan to stop but will also offer us the opportunity to see how certain locations look at different times of the day via the slider for changing the time of day.

The only catch is that Google does not currently plan to provide this functionality to all users globally. Residents of large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo will have access to the Immersive View function later this year.







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