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The first Apple Event in 2022: here’s what to expect


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During its first official event in 2022, Apple seems to be ready to present to the public several new devices, some very interesting and some less interesting. During the live stream online event that will start tonight at 7 pm CET, the company will try to please its always loyal customers with several devices that should quench the thirst for new iPhone flagships by the fall.

So what is it that users can expect in this upcoming Easter shopping mania and what is it worth saving a little money for? Here are some answers:

Red iPhone SE
Red iPhone SE

Budget iPhone: The new iPhone SE is coming, this time with full 5G support, a faster processor, and an upgraded camera, according to Bloomberg News. However, the best thing about the new SE model iPhone is the price of $ 399, which is the same price as 2 years ago. Uncharacteristic of Apple, there is no increase even in the face of a new recession, which is news that will delight users and allow the company to continue the fight with cheap Android phones. Some information also says that we will see a new, green color that is ready to refresh the range of the iPhone 13 series.




New iPad Air: After the new iPad model from last spring, and the new iPad mini devices, the Air line is the only one left without new iterations. However, it seems that all that will change today when an absolutely new model of this powerful tablet device is expected. According to an analyst from TF Securities, support is expected for 5G, a new mobile processor, potentially M1, as well as improved cameras.


iMac 24 inch Magnetic
Source: Apple

Fresh Macs: Apple’s promotional saying before the new event is “Peak Performance”, i.e. the highest possible performance, as high as the highest mountain ranges. Forgive us for the poetics, but it is expected that the new Mac will really get a significant speed improvement through the possible use of a new M1 processor chip and a display increased to 27 inches. In addition, it is possible that we will get Mac Studio, a completely new line of computers with an external monitor.

iOS 15.4: Finally, it looks like Apple will introduce an updated version of its operating system that will receive several significant improvements, such as the ability to unlock the phone with a flip cover, new emoticons, and a new payment method on the iOS platform that allows Apple users devices to accept credit cards without additional hardware.






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