Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung says it is developing a new type of OLED panel for Apple


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Samsung is a leader when it comes to producing high-end screens. Several companies, including Apple, are relying on Samsung to deliver screens for their flagship iPhones and iPads. Now, according to the report, Samsung Display is developing a “completely new” type of OLED screen for future Apple iPads.

The new OLED screen will use a dual-tandem screen, according to the report. Using a dual-tandem OLED screen will almost double the brightness and extend the lifespan by up to four times. Internally, the new screen type is called T1.





“Having a two-layer structure, unlike the single-layer structure currently produced by Samsung Display, doubles the brightness of OLED panels, while its lifespan is expected to quadruple,” it said.

According to the report, Apple will ship this new type of OLED screen to iPads from 2024. Apple is aiming to bring the new technology first to the iPad Pro models, so it can be expected that the screen will be available on the iPad Pro 2024 first. Moreover, the report claims that Apple will add it to both MacBook and iMac devices.

Samsung Display plans to start mass production of T1 screens in 2023. Samsung Electronics devices, such as Galaxy smartphones and other devices, will be the first to use the technology. The T2, the next-generation T1, will be in mass production from 2024 and will be introduced in the OLED iPad Pro.

There are still some issues that need to be addressed, such as color accuracy (which is one of the USP OLED screens), but Samsung plans to solve these problems before committing to deliver the screens to Apple.






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