Tuesday, April 16, 2024


This 2FA app has been downloaded more than 100 million times

With the rise of malware attacks and data theft, many are turning to two-step verification (2FA) to protect themselves from these attacks. One of the most popular apps used with 2FA is Google Authenticator, and...

Microsoft makes it easy for users to create strong passwords

Microsoft Authenticator has already started to get the features of a very advanced password management service, but with this new feature, it is entering a territory that has so far been dominated by services...

If you do not activate the Facebook Protect option, your account may be locked

In early March, a crowd of Facebook users received a mysterious spam-like e-mail entitled "Your Account Requires Advanced Security from Facebook Protect" and was told they had to turn on Facebook Protect (which they...

Google will soon enable 2-factor authentication for all users by default

Data breaches, account hacking and misuse of user data are now, unfortunately, a common thing. On the occasion of World Password Day, Google is taking an important step towards protecting the data of its...
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