Saturday, August 13, 2022

Google will soon enable 2-factor authentication for all users by default


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Data breaches, account hacking and misuse of user data are now, unfortunately, a common thing. On the occasion of World Password Day, Google is taking an important step towards protecting the data of its users. The company will soon require each user to verify their identity by accepting inquiries on their mobile devices.





Google says certain accounts will soon begin receiving this 2-step (2SV) verification requests. Google says these “properly configured” accounts include those who already have recovery information in their accounts, such as a phone number or secondary email.

“We now make password management easier and more secure and provide insight into how our continuous innovation creates a future where one day you won’t need a password at all.”


Google says passwords are the ‘biggest’ security threat online. He says many users are now interested in keeping long passwords, and searches for “how strong is my password” have grown by 300%. But keeping the same, long password for all accounts makes the password more vulnerable, Google says.

This is Google’s effort to make user accounts more secure.







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