Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Orbot – use the TOR network on smartphone


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Orbot is a useful open source application for smartphones that is set up as a kind of proxy and VPN server to surf the Internet and use privacy-enhanced applications using the well-known Tor network.

Tor or The Onion Router is a well-known network of anonymity that allows a very high (but not one hundred percent) level of anonymity when using the Internet. Most will rely on Tor’s official web browser (Tor Browser), but there are alternative solutions that make using this network and the benefits it provides easy and convenient.

Orbot is one such solution. It is an open source application that is set up as a proxy on the one hand, and as a VPN server on the other hand to make it really easy to use the Tor network on smartphones. In all this, Tor can be used at the level of the entire smartphone or at the level of individual applications.

Admittedly, if he opts for the latter where Orbot will actually be set up as a VPN, anonymity will not be ensured, but he will still be able to go through the restrictions imposed by the firewall. In addition, Orbot offers support for bridge servers, which is useful when the mobile network actively blocks access to the Tor, and it is certainly a convenient option to set Orbot as a proxy on all interfaces on the smartphone and allow other devices to access the Internet through it actually use Tor.


Although the settings can be managed with a number of parameters, in essence the application is very easy to use and in most cases does not require special configuration steps, but keep in mind that on some smartphones (Samsung) certain applications already listen on the same port and Orbot itself (9050) so that port needs to be changed.

Either way, for all those who want to easily use all the benefits provided by the Tor network and do so directly on their smartphone, Orbot is perhaps the best free solution that will enable just that.







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