Sunday, October 1, 2023

Xiaomi opened the largest Mi Home store in China


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Xiaomi opened its largest store in the Chinese city of Nanning. The number of items available for testing and shopping is over 2000. The store was opened (on April 30, 2022) and its full name is Xiaomi Mi Home Store.

We are sure that Xiaomi will continue this trend of opening large stores in the rest of the world. This one covers over 1000 square meters and brings Xiaomi products on three floors.

The head of the Xiaomi company, Lu Weibing, said that Xiaomi has had the will and desire for this kind of trade for a long time and that the wishes and possibilities have finally come true. The store itself is 1000 square meters and is spread over three floors as we said with over 2000 items available to try and buy.

Xiaomi is opening its largest “store in the world” in the Chinese city of Nannin, and according to the leaders of this company, after initial tests of how customers “breathe”, they plan to open such stores elsewhere in the world.


From the range, not much will be said or written, everyone knows that all Xiaomi devices will be present (from smartphones, TVs, through speakers, scooters, etc.).

This is just a “drop in the ocean” because Xiaomi has over 10,000 stores in China, but the special feature of this is that it is the largest and we are sure that it will soon be the most famous.

As it usually is when a new store opens, Xiaomi had rewards for its visitors with valuable prizes from which we would single out: Redmi Buds 2, XiaomiAI Spekar Play, and other similar stuff.

The design of the building itself is quite interesting and only the interior leaves us “breathless”. So if you happen to be in China, go to the town of Nanning and visit the newly opened Xiaomi Mi Home Store.

For the rest of us who are far from China, the only thing left for us is to enjoy the photos and imagine what it would be like if we were in China now. Let’s look once again at the Xiaomi 12 line of smartphones where Xiaomi is satisfied with the sales results.

We could also soon see the Xiaomi 12 Lite model, the fourth member of the Xiaomi 12 family. Until the Xiaomi 12 Lite is introduced, we have to wait for the arrival of the current Xiaomi 12 models for review and share our impressions.







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