Thursday, May 25, 2023

Google Messages: interesting updates (VIDEO)


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The Android messaging app, called Messages by Google, can now display reactions from the iPhone in the form of emojis.

According to Google, the option works the same as sending a message to someone using an Android device. Initially, the feature will be available for English-speaking devices.


In addition, videos shared via Messages by Google can be sent as Google Photos links within the conversation. This means that iPhone users will be able to watch the high-quality video via Google Photos instead of the blurred content that usually arrives via MMS. In the future, photos will be able to be sent in a similar way.


Interestingly, Google said in a statement that it “encourages Apple to join the rest of the mobile industry and embrace RCS, to make messaging a better and more secure process, no matter which device is used.”


Messages by Google has some new features. There is an Organized inbox, which automatically sorts messages into Personal and Business tabs. One-time password messages can be set to be deleted automatically after 24 hours to prevent overcrowding.


There are reminder options to reply to messages you may have missed or forgotten about (Gmail has the same feature). The option will first be available to users in English, globally.

Google points out that all the mentioned updates for Messages by Google will arrive to users in the coming weeks.






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