Monday, October 2, 2023

New Android feature – just like on iOS


1 min read

Google has announced that Android users will soon be able to just archive apps, instead of deleting them if they run out of space on their phone.


This means that instead of completely deleting the application from the phone, it will be able to be archived and in this way, 60% of the application repository will be saved. For those who still have extra storage space, this may be an alternative.

“Archiving is a new feature, which will allow users to temporarily keep ~ 60% of the application repository by removing parts of the application instead of deleting it completely. The archived application will remain on the device and can be easily restored to the latest compatible version while preserving user data “, says Google.



Similarly, the Apple iOS platform manages applications that are not used often. Instead of deleting apps, iOS archives them. The icon and data of the application remain, and when the user needs it again, they can download the rest of the data.








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