Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Android 13 available for public testing

During its annual I/O conference, Google announced public beta testing for Android 13 and new features coming to the OS.


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With the introduction of the new Material You design language, Google has given users higher levels of customization within Android 12. With the latest version of the mobile operating system, Google will provide users with even more options to customize their devices.

For example, one of the new tools allows the user to set a different default language for all the other applications on the phone. Another new feature allows the color to match multiple icons on the home screen, not just Google icons.

Android 13 will also have a new Wallet app, with the option to store personal identification details on the phone. Security and safety have also been the focus of Google, and the company points out that Android 13 will protect the user’s privacy by automatically deleting the “clipboard” history.


After neglecting this for years, Google finally decided to equip Android with some tablet-specific features. So Android 13 will get new multitasking capabilities on big screen devices, including an updated taskbar and split view.

In addition to the renewed focus on software, Google is also developing a new tablet. The company offered a brief overview of the Pixel Tablet expected in 2023.

For those who want to try Android 13, Beta 2 is available today. The final version of the platform is expected later this year.







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