Tuesday, April 16, 2024

6G is big, much bigger than 5G


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Although the 5G network has not yet arrived in most of the world, it is slowly becoming the standard. Countries around the world have established 5G and smartphone manufacturers are increasingly producing only 5G-enabled phones. But now that the technology has been adopted, the focus is shifting to what follows after 5G-6G. What is the current situation regarding the 6G network?

Compared to the 5G network, 6G performance should include a transfer rate of 1 Tbps, and it is stated that the 6G network aims to provide 50 times higher data rates and that the delay will be reduced by 10 times.

Samsung has released an interesting chart showing a comparison between 5G (light blue) and the targets of the 6G network (blue).

6G Samsung
Source: Samsung

Of course, together with large technology companies, the states will work on the establishment and development of 6G networks, and so the South Korean government has an interest in being a major player in the next era of mobile networks. The South Korean government announced that the government’s focus in terms of economic growth will be on non-memory chips, futuristic cars, biotechnology, and health, and after that, the focus will shift to 6G network, defense and aviation, advanced nuclear power plant, etc.


The South Korean government stated that it is counting on having 6G prototypes ready by 2026 so that the technology would be ready for commercialization at the end of 2029 and the beginning of 2030. The South Korean government, they said, will make great efforts to make it happen as soon as possible.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but the situation with 6G seems to be progressing fast.







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