Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung is negotiating with LG over a large order for OLED TV panels


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According to reports from South Korea, Samsung is reportedly in negotiations with LG regarding a large supply of OLED TV panels. Samsung could be close to concluding an agreement that will allow LG to supply its rival with millions of these TV panels.

In this way, Samsung would further enhance the transition from LCD to QLED TV panels, which use a combination of quantum dot filters and LCD backlighting.





Reports suggest that LG will provide one million panels for Samsung during the second half of this year, and this will increase to 4 million in 2022. It is pointed out that it is not common for Samsung to order panels from its biggest rival, but this could be the result of Samsung’s decision to switch from using LCD technology in its QLED TVs to OLED panels.

In addition to this, The Elec reports that Samsung is working on a prototype Quantum Dot OLED TV, which does not use LCD panels. These prototypes were reportedly rejected by Samsung Electronics in January because they had too low a brightness.






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