Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Microsoft founded a team to develop Android devices within the company

Hi Android, says Microsoft.


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Microsoft has once again embarked on a milder internal reorganization, and this time the reason is to place a stronger emphasis on developing devices that will use the Android operating system. As it is known, this company offered users two iterations of its mobile device under the Android operating system, Surface Duo, and the goal is obviously to have more Android devices.

Simply put, Microsoft has never been able to develop a quality mobile operating system. Windows Mobile was nowhere near iOS and Android, so Microsoft decided to stop developing similar solutions and dedicate itself to implementing Android.

Now, this company has founded a new organization under its auspices called Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences, or AMPX. This branch will focus on the development of software solutions for mobile devices such as the Surface Duo, as well as the development of software tools designed to work in conjunction with mobile devices such as Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher, and many others.

The person assigned to lead this group is Panos Panay, who is currently the Commander-in-Chief for the teams in charge of developing the Windows operating system and Surface devices. Although Microsoft previously wanted to develop applications for both Android and iOS operating systems, it seems that this event is an indication that Microsoft will still turn more to the Android operating system.


In addition, it seems that Microsoft already has clearly defined plans to connect two operating systems – Windows and Android. At the moment, there is the Phone Link application, until recently called Your Phone, which allows users to access notifications and text messages from their computer, from where they can even make a phone call. And in case you have a Samsung Galaxy or Surface Duo mobile device, this application allows you to run Android applications on your computer, as well as screen mirroring, writes XDA-Developers.

Although this internal reorganization has become known to the public, Microsoft itself has not yet submitted an official notification. In addition, it is important to emphasize that these changes will not lead to layoffs, which have become too common among technology giants.







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